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"I've got some news to share - some of it even involves the markets!"

As Piedmont Wealth Advisory sprints into “Holiday Mode” – (what do you mean Christmas is THIS Sunday?) I am overdue in sharing a few salient firm updates with our clients and friends (at least I feel they are salient!)

Vine Spoiler Alert:

There have been some really positive Piedmont developments and some news thats good on the wallet (details on that found at the end of this note)!

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Piedmont & Churchill “If you are going thru hell – keep going!”

Agreed - Perhaps Churchill was addressing a slightly bigger challenge in 1940 than the temporary recent slump in the markets but the recent intensity of investor frustration calls for similar sentiments. 

Vine Spoiler Alert:

“Calm the nerves, Fight the urge to throw in the towel and Stay invested”

As Q2 statements are hitting in boxes - we are getting quite a bit of “Hey Doug – What the heck happened?” (Editing some of the recent client inquiries as this is a family show). Just when we thought Q2 couldn’t possibly look or feel worse for the markets– JUNE happened!

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2022 - Turn Down the Noise!


The 24 / 7 news cycle is having a great year in 2022! Fear raising prognostications and anxiety causing financial market adjectives are endlessly opined with the conviction of a 7-year-old not wanting a bath.

Inflation, correction, rates rising, tech dropping, Omicron cases rising, global growth stopping, crypto, Metaverse, Web 3, Biden’s plans are great / Biden's plans are horrible, Peloton’s stock is spinning out of control (see what I did there?) …..the themes deemed newsworthy are endless! Remember the news tells us “What’s just happened” – with no factual insights or clues about “what’s going to happen”!

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My Fickle Friend - The Summer Winds!

Unpacking the Summer 2019!

Summer Winds, Frank Sinatra 

Ahhhh – nothing like Fall in DC! Crisp clear air filling your lungs, leaves gently crunching under foot as you stake out the perfect apple tree at your favorite regional orchard, iPhone's snapping a plethora of family photos that will compete for space on the annual family Christmas card…….except today's official start of fall in DC has brought us yet another stretch of rain free 90 degree days with no end in sight. So far, Interest rates are the only thing that have fallen this month!

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