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Piedmont Wealth Advisory provides expert comprehensive financial planning and investment services to individuals, families, and foundations who appreciate and understand that personal service is not only about building their portfolios but about building long-term relationships.



Along with Piedmont Wealth Advisory’s flat fee structure, we offer a level of transparency larger firms just can’t match. We communicate with you on your terms — and within your level of comfort — to ensure you know when, where, and how both we and your investments are working to provide you with the peace of mind to get through your day, and your retirement.

Piedmont Wealth Advisory uses a transparent and unique annual “flat fee pricing model.” This represents a break from the industry-standard “fee only” or “percentage of assets under management (AUM)” approach. Our unique pricing approach provides clients with complete pricing clarity and the utmost confidence their financial interests are always being placed first.

Our open architecture structure permits utilization of investment vehicles regardless of their company origin or affiliation. This complete independence eliminates the conflicts of interest inherent to advisors or teams affiliated with nationally recognized broker dealers/investment firms.


Piedmont Wealth Advisory is intentionally small, allowing us to build deep and authentic relationships with our clients. We openly share our personal wins and losses as human beings, telling our stories and sharing ideas. Doing this creates connections that last. In today’s world of virtual anonymity and assembly line advice, that means something. And that meaning is carried over to your goals, your purpose ... and all the chapters yet to be written of your life story.


Listening is a professional skill that leads to deeper, more meaningful conversations and relationships that last. Piedmont Wealth Advisory is intentionally small so that every client is more than a client and every transaction isn’t just business, it’s personal.

Core Values

Generosity. It may seem like a disconnect when we’re talking about saving, but the team at Piedmont Wealth Advisory believes in generosity of spirit, giving back, and making sure each client has every question answered and every concern addressed. Being kind and helpful is baked into the culture at Piedmont, and we aim to see the good in everything we do — for our clients and each other.

Respect. When you are welcomed in, made to feel genuinely comfortable, and allowed to experience the professional attention you deserve, you walk away feeling every conversation is “time well spent.” We know time is your most valuable asset, and we don’t take that lightly. You can expect prompt responses and on-time appointments. We know the little things are the big things.

Knowledge and Expertise. Experience isn’t just about the amount of time you’ve been doing something, it’s also about how you invest that time to learn, grow, navigate, and improve. It’s the ups and downs, highs and lows, smooth sailing, and rough seas. It’s people and places and time well spent. It’s education, skill, passion, and purpose and the way you use your knowledge and expertise to help others. It’s not keeping up — but staying ahead, by anticipating, predicting, preparing, and planning.

At Piedmont Wealth Advisory, we take care of our clients by using all the expertise and experience at our disposal, so you can keep experiencing all life has to offer.

Discipline. As disciplined investors, we work with thoughtful intention to meet our clients’ goals. That translates to commitment and discipline. Fads are for speculators — not investors. Our investment philosophies stand the test of time. Clients rest easier knowing our guidance is always pointing them down a path that leads to their goals.

Personal. No matter the level of investment or where you are on the road to retirement, Piedmont Wealth Advisory welcomes you without judgment, preconceived notions, or a cookie-cutter approach to your unique future. Building solid relationships takes trust, communication, and a willingness to share your goals, dreams, successes, and challenges. That just doesn’t happen at the big firms; it’s practically impossible.

Yes, we’re dealing with numbers. But, at Piedmont Wealth Advisory, you are not one of them.