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Wealth Management

Often, professionally guided wealth management simply means “investments that beat the annual S&P 500 returns”. At Piedmont, edging out an arbitrary index is not the goal. Rather, we’re concerned with balancing risk to achieve desired long-term returns. And that means we don’t measure success on a daily, weekly, quarterly, or even annual basis. Why not?

Well, just as good people have bad weeks, months, quarters, or even years — so do good companies. Do we want our clients to enjoy strong returns on their invested money? Absolutely! And we do that by leveraging our more than three decades of experience to meet client goals thoughtfully, and with the discipline and patience necessary to succeed for the long haul.

We work closely with you to learn about and understand your financial DNA — specifically what keeps you going and what keeps you up at night. Our process really begins with learning “how far up the mountain you wish to climb.” Once we understand this, we build customized, diversified, low-cost portfolios that address the specific emotional and financial intricacies of each client.

We embrace positive cash flow and growing dividends and shy away from current fads and complicated, costly investment products. If you love projecting future crypto prices or getting in early on the next Wall Street craze, we are not the right fit.

At Piedmont, we meet clients where they are financially and work diligently to educate and develop portfolios designed to get them where they want to go.

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