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Piedmont Wealth Advisory

Time well spent.

Delivering an intentionally unique approach to
Fiduciary Wealth Management

Our life’s work is to help you envision and achieve your life’s work.

Our purpose? Empower you to live yours.

With transparency, authenticity and understanding, Piedmont Wealth Advisory is a driven, intentionally unique, and credentialed wealth advisory practice providing expert guidance and an elevated standard of care for values-based individuals, families, and foundations, both locally and around the country. Our mission is to be our clients’ most trusted and respected partner in their financial lives. We achieve this by leveraging our experience, transparency, and a vast array of resources to solve their most pressing challenges and help them pursue their goals and passions.

We know prior life experiences inform financial views and beliefs — and we have just about seen it all. From first homes to investment properties, from college savings to retirement, from births to deaths, and from marriage to divorce, life is full of financial decisions that aren’t just about finances. That’s why we pay attention — not just to your portfolio, but also to your spoken and unspoken hopes and dreams, and fears and obstacles. The typical “wealth advisory experience” doesn’t always include an empathetic approach. Often, it’s more of a to-do list of financial tasks and checking boxes.

The Piedmont approach delivers more … more compassion, more understanding, and more return on your investment of time and emotions.

Intentionally Different.

Financial management is not just about “setting goals” but intentionally setting goals. Not just retiring, but reorganizing, reimagining, recharging, and realizing your dreams. We learn where you are, help you define and articulate where you want to go, and draw on our experience to guide you. Call it unlicensed financial therapy, fiscal guidance, or money management ... it all starts with verbalizing “Where do you want to go — and why?”

Fiduciary responsibility is about trust.

Industrywide, it’s defined as acting in the client’s best financial interest but, at Piedmont, we define it as being emotionally invested in a client’s best life.

Just as our clients savor and enjoy the fruits of their labor, they also appreciate the emotional work we invest on their behalf. We employ empathy, experience, deep knowledge, and true attention to detail for our intentionally small client base because we are an intentionally different wealth advisory company. Cheers to that.

Wealth Management

Often, professionally guided wealth management simply means “investments that beat the annual S&P 500 returns”. At Piedmont, edging out an arbitrary index is not the goal. Rather, we’re concerned with balancing risk to achieve desired long-term returns. And that means we don’t measure success on a daily, weekly, quarterly, or even annual basis. Why not?

Financial Planning

Emotionally engaged financial planning is the foundation of every Piedmont Wealth Advisory client relationship. We believe conducting standard data-gathering exercises without understanding a family’s financial compass confuses activity with accomplishment.


Ages, stages, phases, changes ... life isn’t just full of change, life is change. Sometimes we expect it, sometimes we plan for it, and sometimes it catches us off-guard; but it happens. And when it does, there can be uncertainty ... and questions.

Flat-Fee Structure

An Intentionally Unique Approach to Fiduciary Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Piedmont believes in the simplicity of a flat-fee structure, so you know exactly how much of what goes where … and when. While many in the industry charge a fee tied to “assets under management” which leads to conflicts of interest — a flat-fee simplifies matters. There are no complex formulas to track and no wondering about fees and percentages; one fee covers it all. You’ll never have to calculate what you paid each quarter. We take care of your financial business, so you can take care of your own business, your family, and your life ... and have one less thing to worry about.

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