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Bruce Springsteen ....on Wall Street!

It’s hard to be a Saint in the City is the last song on Bruce Springsteen’s first album in 1973 – “Greetings From Asbury Park” - on side B no less (that’s right - he’s been at it over 45 years). The song chronicles the struggle of a young man’s attempt to do what he believes is right and good while growing up on the streets of a city (ostensibly nearby NYC for NJ native “The Boss”). This song recently popped up on the XM Springsteen channel and I drew parallels between the lyrics and Wall Street’s (The City) periodically penal treatment of stock prices of companies that are doing what’s right and good - "the Saints"

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Hello - Goodbye!

You Say Goodbye, and I say Hello!

I heard this iconic Beatles tune while limping thru yet another DC traffic delayed drive last week. As periodically happens with me, stars align, and a decades old set of lyrics provides a seemingly perfect musical narrative for one of the myriads of life puzzles that I (and hoping “WE”) mentally juggle daily in our personal and professional lives.

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Jeopardy - and the Clue is.....

Jeopardy Clue (and it’s a Daily Double!): “They generously and unwittingly gave out 20+% raise’s on January 1, 2020”

Answer: Who are Clients working with “fee only” Financial Advisors!

I am not sure even the great Ken Jennings would have nailed that question! As all Jeopardy fans know Ken is currently leading Jeopardy’s “GOAT - Greatest of All Time” tournament finishing up on ABC this week. (Before I get rolling - about the photo...this years Birnie Christmas festivities had an additional layer of "enthusiasm" as we celebrated our daughter Meaghan's December graduation from Penn State's Bellisario School of Communications. It took several Christmas Eve visitors to polish off the Methuselah of Grand Reserve Champagne shown - now back to the regularly scheduled broadcast!)

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"The Birnie Fam Bid Fenway Adieu!"

I’ll be channeling my inner John Updike for this effort. As every native New England bred “ sahx” fan of a certain age can attest, it was Sir Updike who penned the quintessential farewell article to Boston Red Sox Legend (intentional cap “L” FYI!) Ted “Teddy Ballgame / Splendid Splinter/ The Kid” Williams which appeared in the October 22, 1960 issue of The New Yorker magazine. Click link below to read Updike's masterpiece!

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