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Jamie Sexton

Director of Financial PlanNing

Son to Jack and Jeanne, brother to Caroline and Jeb, fiancé to Ashley (soon-to-be husband: May of 2023).

Jamie is the designated daily walker of Madden and Olive and believes dogs should always be in the family photo. His ethos is family before everything. For Jamie, hiking and snorkeling trump lounging on the beach, and he’s motivated and invigorated by pre-sunrise exercise. With two decades as a part-time vineyard hand, he’s also a seasoned red wine taster.

A veteran of the Vanguard Group (low cost is truly a difference maker for client’s long term) James is also a Certified Financial Planner™. As a CFP®, “fiduciary” is not just an advertising term – he’s professionally required to place clients’ financial interests before the firm’s.

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