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Founder and Managing Partner

Son, brother, 30-year husband to Mary, father to Nick and Meaghan. Entrepreneur, friend, mentor, teacher, leader, lifelong learner.

Doug is a gregarious engager, includer and inviter to whom family and traditions are sacred. He believes in integrity, authenticity, and sincere empathy. Doug looks at laughter and thoughtfulness as daily exercises and will give and take a “ribbing” with a smile.

While Virginia is home, New England is “home,” and Cape Cod air is really what renews his soul. He’s casual and committed to continually perfecting chimichurri, charcuterie, Cape Cod lobsters and anything dry-rubbed and grilled — and savors a Rye Old Fashioned or decanted red wines.

Doug is passionately driven to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health by supporting Morgan’s Message and is an active volunteer leader and supporter of The First Tee of Greater Washington, D.C. (The First Tee).

Long skeptical of many financial firms and advisors’ self-serving business practices, Doug established Piedmont Wealth Advisory to unequivocally place clients’ needs first.

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