Who are our clients?

Clients We Advise in Fiduciary Capacity

Piedmont Wealth Advisory works with a wide range of clients, each with a personalized view about risk, return expectations, and short and long term desired investment outcomes.  Much like tasting wines, every investor "palate" is unique and personally biased.   Our approach is to first understand what specific characteristics a potential client is seeking - then focus our professional experiences and energies on delivering that outcome.

We will always happily engage with any opportunity that is introduced to us from a personal relationship or current client, regardless of asset level. However, our most effective and productive work is most beneficial for those clients with investible assets of $250,000 or more.

For years, our work has been respected by clients with the following characteristics.

Professionals & Multigenerational Families

  • Business owners or partners
  • Anticipating liquidity event (asset sale, inheritance, etc.)
  • Raising kids & caring for parents
  • Approaching retirement
  • Accumulating wealth
  • Planning for “Life Goal Expenses”

Women in Financial Transition

  • Divorcing women – understanding new financial responsibilities
  • Loss of Spouse – Estate settlement and transition
  • Single Mother
  • Full Time Employed Female

Association / Foundation

  • Investment Policy Driven Investment Strategy
  • Volunteer Board or Trustee Directed

Current Investors "Financially Tired" of High and Hidden Fees & Low Service

  • Questions “how much are we really paying?”
  • Questions value of “% of Assets under management” annual pricing
  • Questions whose financial interest Advisor is representing
  • Feels they are “sold products” vs. “advised on strategy”
  • Questions the rationale that their advisory fees increase with every addtional dollar added or market driven growth of portfolio - market goes up 8% and their actual fee paid goes up as well
  • Desires a personal relationship with advisory team