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Authenticity and Independence

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Financial Advisor

Asset Management

Utilizing individual Stocks, Funds, and Exchange traded Funds, we blend our unique risk managed, fee & tax efficient portfolio construction process with a client’s existing holdings to produce productive financial outcomes. We are committed to Confidentiality and Clarity.

Managing Returns & Risk
Financial Advisor

Divorce Financial Analysis

For many couples the financial implications of divorce are an ongoing blend of confusion, frustration, anger, suspicion and most viscerally - fear. We are here to guide you and earn your trust.

We Understand
Financial Advisor

Financial Planning

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now”! Drawing on our 30+ years of professional experience, we roll up our sleeves and blend your current situation with your future life desires to produce a road map to best guide you.

Your Unique Journey

We are Committed to Confidentiality and Clarity with all client communication.

We have been named as a “Top Rated Advisor” by Northern Virginia Magazine.
We have also recently been identified as an Elite Member of “Divorce Force”.

Your Piedmont Wealth Advisory Team


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A message from Doug’s Consigliere - Ralph

“After 24+ years of experiencing firsthand the mindset of Firm Revenue & Profits First that exists at the National Broker Dealers, Doug set out to establish a true Client Focused Wealth Advisory Firm – and he has achieved that with Piedmont Wealth Advisory”

Meet Doug
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Advice from Jamie’s Consigliere – Madden

“Blending his 5 years of experience with High Net Worth clients at Vanguard with his Certified Financial Planning designation, Jamie has always put the Clients financial interests first – both todays as well as their future needs”

Meet Jamie

Lean on Me!

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"Generosity for $2000 please Alex"

Answer: Who are Clients working with “fee only” Financial Advisors!

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Fun facts


57 percent of investors have not set financial goals


67 percent of people have no financial plan.

Gut Instincts

77 percent of investors are making decisions on gut instinct.

investment knowledge

20 percent of investors claim that their investment knowledge is very strong.