Wealth Advisory

PWA will offer overall management and advice on all assets in client portfolios, regardless of investments or holdings (including current retirement plans, concentrated stock positions and company options). Portfolios are viewed holistically, and guidance is offered to preserve and protect client wealth based on specific life circumstances.

As Fiduciaries, we are obliged to prioritize client financial interests ahead of our own. The Department of Labor strongly recommends that all advisors act as Fiduciaries, placing client financial interests first when advising on retirement accounts only. Yet, the “industry” continues to push back. Not Piedmont Wealth Advisory — Piedmont acts as a fiduciary on all accounts, all the time.

Piedmont crafts unique and customized portfolios for each client. We continuallty invest significant research and due diligence to develop fee efficient, risk managed solutions for each clinet.,We recognize and respect that every client is in a unique financial situation and deserves a customized approach. 


Unique qualities about our Advisory approach:

  • Piedmont advises ALL client assets, regardless of their holdings or where they are held. We do not require clients to transfer all assets to Piedmont in order for those assets to be included in our plan.
  • Piedmont is not tied to any investment products or encumbered by sales goals. We are independent, and as such, we seek only best-in-class investment vehicles to build portfolios.
  • Piedmont believes in managing Risk as much as managing Returns. Having professionally experienced the periodic “market meltdowns” since the mid 90’s, we have learned valuable lessons on how to protect “downside” moves and capture “upside” swings in the market.
  • Piedmont uses state-of-the-art “aggregation software” which enables clients to maintain “consolidated asset” relationships with advisors without having to assign all assets to a single custodian.
  • "Financial Penalty" free liquidity of investments is an integral factor in our approach. We have developed a healthy skepticism when evaluating the use of annuities, unit investment trusts and Market linked CD's.
  • As one of the only “Flat Fee” wealth advisors in the Metro DC region, Piedmont fees are capped, and are established up front, with full transparency. We will disclose, in advance, any situation that may potentially result in added client fees or income to our firm. Nothing is hidden at Piedmont.

Our Process