Divorce Financial Analysis

Divorce is emotional! For many couples the financial implications of divorce are an ongoing blend of confusion, frustration, anger, suspicion and most viscerally - fear. Financial fear comes in two forms, fear of “will I receive enough assets to live” or fear of “will I have to give up to much”?

We have extensive expertise guiding and coaching clients thru the financial ramifications of the divorce process. As Fiduciaries, Piedmont Wealth Advisory will only work with one member of the divorcing couple – feeling mutual representation is not in our clients best financial interest.

Divorcing parties are generally (and accurately) urged to "focus on the finances first and backburner the emotions” - with the thought being you only have one chance to negotiate the splitting of marital assets. However, this posture is far easier said than done. We pride ourselves in blending both “thoughts” into our approach. For many, Divorce is viewed as an “end” of normalcy, our approach is to instill a vision for the future that embraces a “new normal” based on factual assessment of finances and opportunities.

  • Guide clients thru the overriding emotional voice screaming “Am I going to be OK”
  • Thorough Due Diligence is performed on all assets
  • Accurate Asset Valuations determined, thoughtful solutions for divisions offered
  • Tax implications of division decisions are reviewed
  • Retirement Plan division guidance outlined
  • Current and Future Cash Flow modeling performed
  • Decisions are made at the client’s pace and cadence
  • We will nudge you forward when it is called for, but your comfort and understanding drives the pace and process

 We have continually earned Trust during an emotional time where Trust is not easily earned from divorcing parties.

Piedmont is here to professionally and personally guide you thru a difficult emotional time and earn your trust.