Lean on Me! Piedmont Wealth Advisory - Expanded Services Reminder

(Get your inner Bill Withers singing voice working....."we all need someone to lean on!")

To our valued clients, supporters and firm advocates,

As we collectively slog our way thru the current period of heightened uncertainty and anxiety connected with the overall health of our families as well as the health of our family finances – I want to remind our current Piedmont Wealth Advisory clients, supporters and advocates ( Friends of the Firm ) of services that we generously extend. We are in very unfamiliar territory as a country but as so many have reminded us in the past few days / week - we will push thru this.

Family Portfolio reviews – for clients / advocates relatives and friends who are experiencing confusion, fear, anxiety or all the above with their current investment portfolios. As you all should be aware – we extend this expertise without an expectation of engagement nor do we follow up with a hard sell. The Piedmont team is able to quickly determine a portfolios overall allocation, risk exposure, internal portfolio income generation as well as fees being paid. Please lean on us to provide this service if you feel it will benefit your extended family or friends during this unprecedented time.

Notary Services – Jamie is a Notary and is happy to assist folks in executing documents requiring a Notary Stamp. Please reach to one of us if needed.

401k Allocations – Please send us any 401k allocation and we will provide a quick summary of allocation of risks and thoughts on any modification recommendations.

Mortgage Refinance Referrals – Rates are dropping, and Piedmont has several highly vetted independent mortgage professionals in our extended network. Anyone with a mortgage rate in the low 4% range or higher may benefit from having a mortgage review. Clearly there are more components of a mortgage than just the rate, but some due diligence may be beneficial.

College Loan Refinance Review – we are currently engaged in due diligence with two leading college loan consolidation companies to better examine the options available to those with high rate student loans.

In closing – we are here, ready to help our clients, their families and their friends in any way we are able – attempting to answer questions and thoughtfully discuss the current challenges we are all experiencing and craft a suitable plan to work thru it.

Piedmont Wealth Advisory is here to help - please feel free to "lean on me!"

Douglas Birnie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Jamie Sexton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Douglas Birnie
Managing Director