"What's your Promise to your clients?"

Good afternoon -

Recently I was pointedly asked during a Piedmont Service Platform presentation - "What is your (PWA) Promise to us should we come on board as a client - aside from the usual narrative of what & how you do your job - what is your commitment to me personally" - wow! It was made perfectly clear she was not looking for the "our mouse trap is better than their’" blather - they had been thru a few advisors and had heard the canned "but we are professionals" speech - she was looking for more - something that resonated and was - well authentic - damn she stumped me!


So, with that thought provoking and challenging question rolling thru my head - I went oddly silent, then mumbled a few worn out clichés and hoped we'd move on to the hurricanes, wines or the Red Sox chances to win the World Series!

After some work, thought and more than a few edits - I share with you our PWA Client Promise


Piedmont Wealth Advisory - We have an unfair advantage - we care more!

We professionally promise to:

Confidentially serve as your advocate in financial dealings to ensure you are eminently comfortable with the potential outcomes of your financial future.

Listen with the goal of understanding your past experiences and learn your feelings towards risk and the future of your finances and investments.

Thoughtfully draw on my professional and personal life experience to intelligently guide you thru the myriad of known and unknown financial decisions you will face.

Unfailingly err on the side of transparency to you and your family when discussing all aspects of our services.

In a nutshell - that’s what we offer our clients.

And to think I thought the dreaded "Corporate Workshop Days" were in my professional rear view mirror!

In the Birnie Family "school competition" category - Nicks Delaware Blue Hens handed Cornell a good 'ol school yard beating last Saturday on the gridiron - cost me a bottle of Hendrick's Gin!

Have a great week!


Thank you for your time and confidence.

Douglas Birnie