Why Piedmont Wealth Advisory?

We have an unfair Advantage - We care more!

Piedmont Wealth Advisory provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to individuals, families and foundations. As an independent advisory firm, our non-biased and fully objective guidance is completely client focused.

Our Business Approach is Client Relationship Driven

Relationships are not created in one meeting. We believe true lasting professional relationships are established in the same fashion a fine wine develops its unique and excellent characteristics – subtly over time.

We adhere to the belief that professional relationships gradually become deeply personal relationships when they are carefully built on continued authentic displays of trust, confidentiality, integrity and service.

As Fiduciaries (always placing clients financial interests in front of those of the advisor or firm), Piedmont has embraced an “open architecture” structure which permits utilization of investment vehicles regardless of their company origin or affiliation. This complete independence eliminates the conflicts of interest inherent to advisors or teams affiliated with nationally recognized broker dealers / investment firms. As a result of our independence, we have no product sales goals or revenue thresholds to exceed in order to earn additional compensation. The result is a completely transparent and exceptionally client focused “same side of the table” advisory partnership.

Additionally, we are extremely proud of our specialized expertise in assisting individuals proceed thru the difficult financial aspects associated with divorce. Please see our Divorce Financial Analysis tab in the website