Our Methodology & Approach

“Learn, Think, Advise, Communicate, Monitor”

  • Due Diligence / Learning – Listen and learn. Understand the unique financial circumstances, prior experiences and emotions that shape each client’s decision-making process.

  • Evaluation / Thinking – Analyze each client’s financial situation and invest thoughtful effort into developing a tailored, comprehensive set of solutions.

  • Plan Presentation / Advising – Thoroughly explain our unbiased solutions to each client. Ensure an understanding of the overall plan and its granular pieces.

  • Plan Implementation – Execute the plan in a mutually-agreed upon manner, once we are certain each client understands the approach and has complete confidence in the proposed strategy.

  • Ongoing Monitoring / Continual Communication – Regularly monitor our recommendations to ensure consistent alignment with client goals and objectives. Through regular written or verbal communication, review and recommend any potential adjustments as situations warrant.